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ELP Volume 86 Issue 5


When I wrote the Utility Financial Rankings Industry Report three years ago, the key word was "recovery."

Calpine's New CEO Jack Fusco: Ready for the Future

Meet Jack Fusco, Calpine's new president and CEO. At the helm of the independent power producer since August, Mr. Fusco brings 25 years of experience...

Delivering the Potential of Renewables

Concerns over global warming and rising energy prices are boosting interest in generating electricity from renewable energy sources.

The Wired Utility Meets the Wired Generation

As the evolution of the Smart Grid transforms the energy and utility industry, consumers will be affected in unimaginable ways.

Solar Performing Brilliantly

Utilities are using solar thermal and PV rooftop networks to power their communities.

Targeting "Bad Actors" to Pass the Generation Uptime Test

Bad actors don't just haunt Hollywood. All across the U.S., room for error in the power industry is shrinking as generation capacity margins compress...

10 Ways to Respond to the New Reality of Commodity Price Volatility

Over the next few months, more and more consumers will wake up to sharply higher electricity bills.

When Words Become Action

As the American public realizes that the energy problems they are beginning to feel won't be solved simply by lowering the price of gasoline ...

Beyond Recovery: Entergy Focuses on the Voice of the Customer

Q&A with Entergy's Ed Melendreras, Vice President, Sales & Marketing