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ELP Volume 87 Issue 1


Happy New Year. As we welcome 2009, I can confidently say that generally it will not be an easy year for our industry.

Capital Constraints Challenge Utilities

The energy sector continued to be a hot topic in 2008.

The Case Against a Federal Renewable Power Requirement

It is no surprise that the incoming Obama administration intends to reorient energy policy and better integrate it with environmental policy.

Location, Location, Location: Where Will Solar Installations Go?

The solar industry has taken off as a result of renewable energy benefits and increased pressure on companies to build renewable energy portfolios.

DER Operational and Grid Benefits

Proponents of distributed energy resources (DER) often cite benefits that larger, conventional generating sources typically cannot provide.

The Smart Grid Ecosystem

Utilities must address business and social issues associated with the environment.

Wireless Solutions for Demand Response Programs

Utilities globally will spend some $1.6 billion wirelessly linking homes to the electric grid during the next couple of years, according to industry analyst ON World.

Emergency Economic Stabilization Act Extends Renewable Federal Tax Benefits

The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 extended federal renewable energy tax benefits that give incentives to project developers, financial investors and sponsors.

Decreasing Oil Prices Drag Natural Gas With Them

The C Three Composite Index did not make it into positive territory in November, although it managed to stay under a 2 percent loss for the month.

Customer Service Breakpoints

Economic contraction, manpower displacement and fear grips the world's economies.