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ELP Volume 87 Issue 2


These days it's hard to look beyond the U.S. economic environment and focus on other pertinent issues.

Yes We Did … Now What?

As the new U.S. president promises the most costly changes to fight recession since World War II...

Economic Stimulus and the Power Industry

The electricity-related provisions in the economic stimulus package sharply brought into focus the essential nature of electricity to our nation's economic recovery.

Is Renewable Energy the Impossible Dream? Science Offers Insight on Wind Feasibility

“Just then they came in sight of thirty or forty windmills that rise from that plain.

Clean-Coal Power Generation: The Uncertainties Beyond Carbon Policy

Although advocates claim clean-coal power generation must be an underpinning of future U.S. energy policy, such power plants are not yet a reality.

Energy Efficiency All Grown Up

It might be that after 30 years, energy efficiency (EE) has hit its prime with a galactic alignment of the planets of capacity needs ...

Strategies for Managing the Demand-Supply Equation

Buzzwords or industry trends? Energy efficiency (EE). Decoupling.

Embracing the Changing Workforce: 7 Tips to Sustain a Successful Strategy

The electric utility industry expects major workforce challenges during the next decade.

Protecting the Coal Supply Chain: Planning for the Next Flu Pandemic

I was a resident advisor, or RA, when I was in college. I went to a little school in New England with only a few thousand students ,,,

CMS Energy Tops January

A positive natural gas rate case and an increase in its dividend helped CMS Energy, parent of Consumers Energy, to the top for the month.