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ELP Volume 87 Issue 3

Stress Test Business Decision Support

In our uncertain, volatile business environment, it is necessary to step back, look at our decision processes and ask, "Do we have robust processes to best manage our energy business?"

Tough Regulation Gets Tougher

Understanding the compliance emphasis of FERC and its regulatory counterparts

Who Will Administer the Greenhouse Gas Market?

The effectiveness of legislation to cap and trade greenhouse gases (GHGs) might depend on the choice of program administrator.

The Importance of SAFETY Act Protections for the Electric Power Industry

Recent press reports have significantly raised public awareness of the vulnerability to cyberattacks of our nation's energy infrastructure.

Green-Collar Jobs

here is excitement among energy companies about the growth in energy efficiency (EE) and renewable energy projects.

Automating the Field With a System Solution: The Next Step in Mobile Dispatch

PPL Electric Utilities is not new to computer-aided dispatch and mobile device technology.

Empower Field Workers With Mobility

Part of optimizing performance in power and utilities groups is having the right information in the right place at the right time.

Q1 T&D Market Index Continues to Fall

Reflecting continued economic distress, Denali Intelligence's T&D Market Index decreased 5.5 percent in the first quarter of 2009 ...

CS Week

When you serve a vital, vigorous industry such as the electric, gas, water and wastewater utilities, you must know their challenges ...

Focus on the CIO: Wise Guys on Cyberspies, the Dollar’s Demise

Hardly anyone in the U.S. government or utility industry will go on record in response to an April 8 report in The Wall Street Journal that foreign cyberspies penetrated the U.S. Power grid...