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ELP Volume 87 Issue 5

Bleed it Out

Half a century ago, marketing consultant James Vicary pulled a hoax on the American people as a way to promote his advertising agency.

Planning for Another Challenging Year

Late last summer when the presidential campaign and subprime mortgages were top-of-mind issues for most Americans ...

Investment in New Transmission Projects Remains Strong

Despite lingering effects of the economic recession, investment in transmission projects for grid reliability, congestion relief and the integration of new and cleaner generation sources has continued ...

The Smart Way to Protect the Grid From Cybersecurity Threat

Protecting the nation’s electric grid is a top priority for utilities.

Retreive That Data ” and Make IT Snappy!

Gathering data from multiple sources and storing it in several places to which one human holds the key is about as passé as licking stamps for paper billing.

Denali Intelligence T&D Market Index

Denali Intelligence’s T&D Market Index is based on detailed  analysis of 11 critical spend categories ...

Outage Management and Customer Relationships

A recent poll by analyst firm Sierra Energy Group asked utility executives to name the applications they viewed as the most important ...

Concentrating Solar Thermal Energy and its Uses

The worldwide solar energy industry has grown quickly during the past few years and combined with research and development has become competitive ...

Solar Rising

Solar power is often offered as one of the most promising forms of renewable energy.

Econamine FG PlusSM CO2-Capture Technology

Technology for removal of carbon dioxide from flue gas streams was developed for use in the beverage industry. In 1989,