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ELP Volume 87 Issue 6

Wave and Tidal Power Growing Slowly, Steadily

Proponents of wave and tidal power have compared the state of this area of the renewable energy sector with the early days of wind power.

Economy Affects Utility Compensation

A year ago, many executives were discussing ways to create attractive compensation packages while keeping costs down.

2009 Utility of the Year: Exelon

Exelon made the top five of nearly all the 2009 utility rankings, so Electric Light & Power editors knew from the beginning that it would be a strong contender for the 2009 Utility of the Year award.

2008 Operating Performance

Generators Continue Record Performance, Even in Recession

Cap-and-Trade Success Requires Ratepayer Fairness in Distribution of Emission Allowances

When the jockeying over allocation of carbon dioxide emission allowances ends, Congressional stewards of the legislation must ensure the distribution of allowances is fair and sustainable.

Overcoming Boundaries (Real and Imagined) to Hydrokinetic Power Development

Hydrokinetic power harnesses the motion of waves or the flow of tides, ocean currents or inland waterways to generate electricity without the impoundments or diversions used in traditional hydropower.

Will the Meter Still Matter?

In 1954, Atomic Energy Commission Chairman Lewis Strauss issued his infamous words predicting that electrical energy would become “too cheap to meter.”

Preparing for Electric Vehicles

Even though gas prices at the pump are much lower than they were 12 to 18 months ago, plug-in hybrid electric and plug-in electric vehicles are still getting a lot of attention.

The Secret for People Who Don’t Believe in Voodoo

The latest fad in motivation is the law of attraction, or more popularly “The Secret” after the motion picture and book by Rhonda Byrne. The idea is that if you use the power of “The Secret,” you will attract health, wealth and friends in abundance.

Microgrids and M2M

Beecham Research Ltd. is focused exclusively on the $45-billion machine-to-machine (M2M) market and views microgrids from that perspective, lying within the energy service sector, one of nine sectors tracked by Beecham.