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ELP Volume 88 Issue 2

Regulation Validating Natural Gas Can Drive Energy, Climate Policy Beyond Congressional Paralysis

While clean energy  and greenhouse gas (GHG) legislation remain mired, regulatory, economic and technical factors may push natural gas ...

Why We Can’t Avoid Avoided Cost

he concept of  opportunity cost is an underpinning of economics; it reflects the value of the next-best alternative of that resource.

Breathing New Life Into the Legacy CIS

Regulatory mandates and the economy are driving many utilities to extend the life of their existing CISs.

A Fast(er) Track Solution for Spent Nuclear Fuel

The U.S. Department  of Energy (DOE) withdrew its application to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to license Yucca Mountain more than two decades...

Uncovered: 100 Years of Electricity History

You might have noticed that this issue’s cover deviates a bit from Electric Light & Power ’s typical covers.

Taking Relationships off Hold

We wait for things every day: the coffeepot to finish brewing; the light to turn green; our popcorn to finish popping, and we aren’t bothered.

Market Barriers to EE Programs

Program managers strive to understand why consumers don’t adopt energy efficiency measures so they can break down those barriers.

Smart Grid of the Future– De-risking the Path From Today’s Grid to Tomorrow’s Smart...

Consumers and utility providers are sold on the numerous smart grid benefits, but getting there is daunting for utilities, and consumers are impatient.

Up in the Air: Transmission Siting Still Contentious

Transmission projects will continue to face significant challenges from local groups and environmental organizations unless developers and regulators create more transparent siting processes.

Changing Attitudes About Green

Sustainability is a commonly used word in today’s discourse, be it in relation to green building, alternative energy or corporate initiatives.