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ELP Volume 88 Issue 2

Aligning Regulations, Demand Response and Utilities

The Department of Energy’s Smart Grid Investment Grant Program recently announced grants ...

Energy Storage Solving Power Quality Problems

Energy production and storage are in the midst of some major changes.

All Together Now—The Electric Utility, Consumers and Community Energy Storage

Providing electricity at a reasonable price is no easy task—ask any utility executive.

U.S. Nuclear Perspectives—Opportunities for a Sector in Renaissance

With the recently announced construction loan guarantees making investment in nuclear plants more promising, Ernst & Young LLP has reviewed prospects across the United States.

The Reward is in the Eye of the Beholder

In the early  1970s, I was a young teenager who was completely caught up in the Zeitgeist.

Taxing Carbon: Are the Benefits Worth the Costs? A 2010 Update

Since publishing our white paper “Taxing Carbon: Are The Benefits Worth The Costs?” and our analysis of the Waxman-Markey bill ...

Regulatory Uncertainty Hinders Offshore Wind Development

Energy infrastructure development inherently has elements of uncertainty.

CS Week Pushes Meter-to-Cash Education to Prep for Future

Intelligent infrastructure is used increasingly to refer to the smart grid for electric utilities and, more broadly, to include advanced metering infrastructure (AMI)...

Electric Utility CEO Roundtable: Obama’s 2009 Report Card

Electric Light & Power  editors wanted to know what utility higher ups think about President Barack Obama’s performance during his first year in office.