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ELP Volume 88 Issue 3

JEA Risk Management, Strategic Planning

In 2004, the Jackson (Tenn.) Energy Authority (JEA) embarked on one of the largest U.S. fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) deployments of the time.

The New Golden State of Smart Grid

Texas keeps swaggering into conversations about who’s doing smart grid right, and for many reasons.

The Power Industry’s Coming Big Bang

In March 1876, Alexander Graham Bell, using an early prototype telephone, transmitted the momentous request to his assistant in an adjoining room ...

What’s Your Business Plan for Smart Grid?

Utilities are working diligently through their smart grid strategies. Yet public forums indicate a disheartening reality.

Transmission Cost Allocation–What Can We Get for Three-Tenths of a Cent?

The biggest impediment to new transmission construction is the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s (FERC’s) lack of a policy regarding network upgrade costs allocation.

Energy Education, Savings, Community Support

Utilities are increasingly in the business of educating consumers about saving energy.

Letters to the Editor

I was reading the Mar/Apr/2010 issue of ELP and was particularly interested in the commentary “Uncovered: 100 Years of Electricity History.”

Detuning–Engineers Curb Tower Reradiation

Electricity generating companies and AM radio broadcasters can coexist harmoniously when radio frequency conflicts are resolved early in building power lines.

Executive Conference Creates Forum to Discuss Opportunities, Challenges

Earlier this year, we held the first Electric Light & Power Executive Conference in Tampa, Fla. It was a successful event that featured many expert speakers.

Studies Link Wind Transmission Methods

Two groundbreaking ICF International studies provide direction for the effective siting of high-power transmission lines and the design of collector systems.