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ELP Volume 88 Issue 4

PEV Filling Stations

Later this year, manufacturers will begin delivering plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs).

Shifting From Economies of Scale to Network Externalities

The structure of the power industry was founded on the premise that the production and delivery of electricity is a natural monopoly and therefore best served by a regulated franchise.

Smart Grid Investment Management

Those of us who have opened a new investment account with a brokerage firm are familiar with a process we are put through to determine our personal risk ...


My commentary in last year’s July-August issue discussed the American Clean Energy and Security Act, also called the Waxman-Markey bill.

Distributed Generation—The Promise and the Problem

The CEO of a major competitive power company, also a former colleague, said to me a few years ago, “The entire legal and regulatory framework that we’ve toiled under throughout our careers will be blown up one day by some technological breakthrough that sneaks in our back door.

Metcalfe’s Law—Interoperability and the Smart Grid

The other day while I was participating in a panel at a smart grid conference, someone in the audience asked a question regarding standards and interoperability.

ZigBee, IP Integration for Smart Energy, Demand Management

Big money is flowing into smart grid and smart energy development. The U.S. Department of Energy has awarded more than $3.4 billion  ...

Power to the People and Utilities

As of May, 83 smart grid projects funded through the stimulus bill are underway in U.S. communities.

Mergers, Acquisitions for Smart Grid Red Hot

The movement to transform the nation’s more than 100-year-old, inefficient electrical grid into a smart grid has gathered momentum during the past few months, and there has been notable merger and acquisition activity.

100 Countries Montreal 2010

Montreal will host the 21st Congress of the World Energy Council from Sept. 12-16. More than 3,500 delegates representing all energy sectors from more than 100 countries will discuss the energy challenges of the next 25 years.