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ELP Volume 88 Issue 5

Power Industry Faces Retirements

Many power companies are hiring entry-level employees in record numbers.


I recently attended a couple of conferences in Washington, D.C. One of the most interesting and exciting topics for me was electric vehicles (EVs).

The Climate Change Conundrum

Cap and trade is on life support and we might need a backup plan. Here's one, but do we really want to do this at all?

The Megaproject Challenge

The level of capital expenditures planned within the utility industry is targeted at a mix of infrastructure and capacity investment for modernization and growth that will sustain itself annually for the foreseeable future.

Taking the Risks out of Energy Infrastructure Capital Projects

Energy infrastructure capital projects today are bigger, more global and riskier.

KCP&L Shortens Storm Lengths

Kansas City Power & Light's (KCP&L's) Bill Herdegen has a plan for trimming the length of storms. He can't stop lightning strikes or wind gusts, but he can control how fast line personnel begin outage repairs.

How GIS Supports Outage Management

Managing outages across a 35,000-square-mile service area with varying geographic landscapes challenges Consumers Energy, one of the nation's largest combination utilities.

Case Study: Potential Value of Distributed Solar Technologies

As solar technology costs decrease and the technology becomes more feasible for residential and small commercial customers, utilities face unknown challenges and effects of large-scale deployment of small distributed generation (DG) facilities.

An Argument for State Solar Feed-in Tariffs

Over the years, renewable energy resources have made enemies.

North American Utility Industry Needs Reputation Makeover

Despite investing billions in smart meters, renewable energy and customer service improvements, utilities still have an average reputation with consumers, a global study shows.