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ELP Volume 88 Issue 6

Is Your Office an Information Toxic Dump?

Kathy is the office manager for a large corporation. The great news is that the company is growing and Kathy is looking for employees to handle all the new clients.

Interoperability–Bring Measurable Change to Utilities

The rapid evolution in the energy market is creating a din of noise that could distract electric utility managers into missing the big picture ...

Smart Grid Implementation Strategies for Success

The United States is modernizing its energy grid, driven by $4.5 billion in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) grants ...

Customer Communication is Key

The importance of communication in customer service has never been greater. Chartwell's recent EMACS conference placed it at the center of a utility's marketing focus.

Optimized Work Force, Outage Management–The People Side of Planned, Unplanned Outages

Power outages, unplanned and planned, have occurred since electricity was discovered.

Leveraging Benefits on Demand

Utilities have used demand response programs to reduce load when demand exceeds supply or when electricity costs increase.

Which Way is the Wind Blowing? Getting Wind Generation to Grid

While agreement exists on needing additional transmission to bring wind energy to the grid to meet renewable portfolio standards (RPSs), the way to go about it has been debated.

Electric Light & Power 2010 Utility of the Year Hydro-Quebec

This year Electric Light & Power editors named Canada's largest electricity producer and the world's largest hydroelectric power producer as the magazine's Utility of the Year.

Operating Performance Rankings, 2009–Top 20 Power Plants

Until 2009, the worse recession on record had little impact on U.S. electricity generators. In 2009, however, the recession was partly to blame for a decrease in the amount of electricity generated ...

Maintaining Electric Reliability While Reducing Air Pollution

In the 20 years since the Clean Air Act (CAA) Amendments of 1990, U.S. electric power companies have deployed pollution-control technologies ...