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ELP Volume 88 Issue 6

We Manage Water Independent of Energy Policy at Our Peril

The U.N. General Assembly in July unanimously recognized access to fresh water as a basic human right.

September Good to C Three Cos, Constellation: No Thanks, Gov

Constellation Energy says it will turn down government guarantees for Calvert Cliffs 3. As part of its Constellation bailout two years ago and to gain entrance to the U.S. nuclear power market, EDF agreed...

Y Grow Up?

Amidst one of the worst financial crises of our lifetime, Gen Y, those folks born between 1979 and 1991, have exhibited traits that make them welcome customers to an electric utilities industry ...

Have you Identified the Exit Strategy Nearest You?

Companies that securitize their assets effectively sell rights to future cash flow in exchange for up-front payment today.

Smart Power, Energy Price Risk Management Evolution

As the U.S. electricity utility industry prepares itself for a new era characterized by rapid innovation, new regulatory and technological developments present great opportunity and equally great risk.

Are Small Reactors the Next Big Thing in Nuclear?

With development of large-scale reactors in the United States slowed by constrained debt capital markets, the absence of climate legislation ...

Just Do It–Please!

Occasionally we all come up with something we think should be a no-brainer, so we say, "I don't get why our country isn't doing this."

Top 20 Power Plants, See You in San Diego

This issue is one of the year's most anticipated because it contains the power plant operating performance rankings.

Smart Grid Demands Increased Field Tech Investments

by Chris Stern, Trimble The utility industry is in the midst of its most significant transformation in more than six decades. Decreasing power demand following weakness in the commercial and industrial segments coupled with priorities such...