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ELP Volume 89 Issue 1

Feng Shui for the Mind–Keys to Uncluttered Communication

Are you tired of not getting what you want? Prepare for a little Feng Shui for your mind.

Energy Reservoirs in Your Backyard

Of the many ongoing smart grid conversations, most still focus on what will be novel about the new regime  ...

Deploying Advanced Energy Storage Makes Sense

As the industry continues to move toward a smarter, more efficient power infrastructure, advanced energy storage has shown potential ...

Utilities Still Plagued by Uncertainty, Must Move Forward

For several years, utilities have had little clarity when it comes to capital spending decisions.

CS Week Proves That Education is Best Investment a Utility Can Make

Whether you collect your paycheck from the utility side of the business or the vendor side, 2011 is the year that you become your own best salesperson ...

Home Performance With Energy Star Program

Achieving energy efficiency has been a long-standing goal in the U.S. that historically has received much attention  ...

The Reality of Electric Vehicles and the Grid

Electric vehicles (EVs) intrigue us with promises of numerous and diverse benefits ranging from reduction in vehicle operating costs ...

FERC Should Get DR Pricing Right in Organized Wholesale Markets it Regulates

A hot controversy embroils–at least by the standards of the academy–the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's (FERC's) proposal ...

The Smart Meter Opportunity, Threat

The utilities industry faces challenges and pressure from all sides.

Transacting in Transmission–New Business Models for an Old Business

Traditionally considered a natural monopoly, transmission is coming into its own as a dynamic segment of the electricity supply chain.