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ELP Volume 89 Issue 1

Back-office Carbon Accounting–Outsourcing for the Utilities Sector

The utility sector is in the midst of revolutionary business change.

Renewable Portfolio Standards Work, But at What Cost?

As policymakers consider energy and environmental goals, renewable portfolio standards (RPSs) are one popular tool ...

Variable Energy Resources Can, Should be Stored

The nation increasingly will rely on variable energy resources, predominately wind and solar generation resources ...

Power Plant Control Room Technology–a Double-edged Sword

Although the safety and controls systems that operate most of the nation's power plants are isolated from the Internet  ...

A Rosy Outlook for 2011?

Much economic and policy uncertainty the electric utility industry experienced in 2010 remains in 2011.

Community-centered Energy Efficiency Outreach, Delivery: Part 1 of 2

Communities increasingly are interested in proactively addressing their energy needs.

Resisting Temptation– the Seven Sins of Smart Grid

The emerging smart grid encompasses more technology, costs and complexity than the traditional utility distribution network.

CEOs of the Year

Editors at Electric Light & Power magazine in the fall asked readers to nominate CEOs of North American electric utilities in two categories.