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ELP Volume 89 Issue 2

Completing Turnaround Projects Faster With Full Scope

It is a challenge every power plant faces: A turnaround is in progress and resources are not available as needed ...

The Transmission Imperative for Renewables

The power industry is on the verge of the biggest changes since the days of Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse.

PSO: Let’s Trim Some Trees, Round 2

Electricity consumers in the northeastern Oklahoma region known as Green Country didn't welcome the state's mandatory 4-year tree-trimming cycle.

Putting Less Energy, More Impact Into Customer Communications

Finding ways to reduce costs while maintaining good customer service is a chief concern for many utility companies.

Where the Network Meets the Networked

If you haven't already heard of Generation Y, you will. These new customers are heading our way...

Optimize Maintenance Operations to Reduce Operating Costs

The impact of maintenance on the bottom line has never been greater. By skimping on maintenance, you run the risk of...

Open ADR– the State of the Standard

Utilities long have called upon demand-side resources to complement traditional generation. During the past several years,

CS Week 35 Promises to be Dynamic

Dynamic is the word for CS Week 35.

Compliance Through Deployment of LiDAR Technology–NERC FAC-003

Increasing regulatory pressure in the U.S. electricity transmission industry as a consequence of large-scale blackouts during the past decade ...

Residential Demand Response

Based on findings from the PowerCentsDC program and other pilots and programs, most customers who have tried dynamic pricing prefer ...