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ELP Volume 89 Issue 2

The 112th Congress — Energy Roulette?

Without a comprehensive energy policy, U.S. utilities are playing roulette. Oddsmakers–in this case the energy punditocracy and investors ...

ELP Exec Conference– Utilities Share Insights

The second annual Electric Light & Power Executive Conference drew applause from attendees...

What Will Drive Investment: Peer-reviewed Science or Ideology?

Between speakers at an Energy Bar Association conference, I paged through "Merchants of Doubt" by award-winning science historians ...

The Economic Value of Renewable Resources: Intrinsic, Extrinsic and External

Support for renewable resources continues to vary by state with minimal harmonization expected from the federal government.

Let’s Make a Deal–Energy Policy and the Art of the Possible in the 112th...

If there was a window for comprehensive energy legislation in the 111th Congress, it has all but shut in the 112th.

Technology Improves Solar PV Competitiveness

Recent climate targets supported by China and the U.S. state a common goal of 17 percent emissions reduction...

Lessons Learned are Small Consolation to Japan’s Nuclear Crisis

As I write this, it's been just less than two weeks since the earthquake and tsunami devastated Japan's northeastern coast.

Offshore Wind Power Projects on the Edge

First there was Cape Wind and its long-running campaign to overcome hurdles to site a wind farm on Nantucket Sound.

Bilateral Emission Offset Mechanisms Might Eclipse CDM

Global Cap-and-trade Regime to be Built Bottom-up

Reliable, Long-life Power Cable Crucial to Wind Energy Systems

The Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) recently reported 22 percent growth in installed wind energy capacity worldwide during 2010.