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ELP Volume 89 Issue 3

Utility Industry Faces Compensation Challenges

Understanding the challenges the utility industry faces can help organizations of all sizes prepare more effectively for the future.

Utilities Go Online to Enhance CS

Smart grid technology brings about huge opportunities for utilities to proactively address customer service and engagement.

Con Edison Fuels Power of Green With Power of You

Consolidated Edison Co. of New York (Con Edison) began its green initiative in 1995. Like many businesses, Con Edison's initial focus ...

Customer Card Payments Can Save Utilities Money

Change, progress and innovation, we hear all the time. They carry different meanings for almost everyone.

Human Resources Transformation for Power and Utilities Companies

Work force demographics in the power and utilities industry are undergoing a transformation. An estimated 30 to 40 percent ...

Utilities Must Grapple With New FCC Pole Attachment Rules

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on April 7 unanimously adopted new rules governing telecommunications ...

Congress Should Embrace Favorable Tax Structures to Hasten Clean Energy Deployment

The Center for American Progress and the Coalition for Green Capital's (CAP/CGC's) "Cutting the Cost of Clean Energy" report recommends ...

Use Less, Spend Less Concept Drives Energy Efficiency Bus

Spending less by using less energy is a straightforward yet seemingly elusive goal for many businesses.

Powering the Future of Energy Efficiency

With energy efficiency growing more important every day, U.S. electric utilities are working with their state regulators ...

Reflections on the Supreme Court’s Consideration of Global Warming Regulation

The U.S. Supreme Court recently heard oral argument in American Electric Power Co. v. Connecticut that should decide ...