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ELP Volume 89 Issue 4

Corrosion-control Coatings Protect Power Plant FGD Systems

One of the main problems that put flue-gas desulfurization (FGD) plants out of operation is corrosion.

Energy Efficiency Financing

Financing for energy efficiency is a popular industry topic. It is one of many barriers consumers face as they evaluate energy efficiency investments.

Out…But Safe

We are all customers. We expect what we purchase to work, whether it's a car, cell phone, dress, TV, computer or power for our homes and businesses.

Supply-side Efficiency Equals Cleaner, Smarter Power

When it comes to energy efficiency, demand-side changes by consumers have been the focus.


Hide Your Hammers

Is the (Electricity) World Flat?

In his best-selling book Thomas Friedman uses the notion of "flatness" to denote how "more people can plug, play, compete, connect, and collaborate with more equal power than ever before."

DOE Loans Doubtful After September for Renewable Generation, Transmission

As of June, the Department of Energy (DOE) had issued or conditionally committed to loans and loan guarantees for more than $22 billion to help fund 18 electricity generation and transmission projects.

Get Smart About Electrical Grid Cybersecurity, Reliability

Electric utilities are migrating to standards-based Ethernet infrastructures for smart grid automation and communications, but they must be aware of the increased threat of network cyberattack from internal and external sources.

Meter-to-Cash Outsourcing Increases Competitive Capabilities

Utilities operate in one of the most complex, challenging business environments.

Coming to America-The Deepening Roots of the U.S. Wind Power Supply Chain

The numbers turned in by the wind power industry the past few years are head-turning.