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ELP Volume 89 Issue 6

The Role of Utilities in Securing a Smart Grid

Much like the security challenges during the dot-com boom, the smart grid will have security and privacy issues.

Putting Advanced Metering Infrastructure to the Test

Across the nation, electric utilities are installing smart meters. A recent Institute for Electric Efficiency (IEE) survey found that as of ...

Defining, Encouraging Winners is Good National Energy Policy

Congressmen claim to have found reputed object lessons in Solyndra’s closure and Chapter 11 protection.

Business Intelligence– Noise or Nirvana?

Utility executives continue to wrestle through legions of data for answers to the question: How do I redirect my organization ...

T&D Sees the Light on Customer Service

We get it. You’re an electrical engineer working in utility operations. Now you’re wondering how you’ve become involved in customer service.

2011 Utility of the Year: OG&E

This year editors at Electric Light & Power named an electric utility five years older than its state as the magazine’s Utility of the Year.

Better to Bite the Bullet Than Take it Elsewhere

State-level requests for proposal (RFPs) within organized markets stems from the failure of these markets to elicit new ...

Gen Y Forces Changes to Payment Paradigm

Likely you are familiar with the terms Generation Y and millennials in reference to those born in the 1980s and 1990s.

A Collaborative Customer Communications Strategy Keeps You in Control

Changing governmental policies and regulations that threaten to reduce the supply of raw materials likely will increase costs ...

Energizing Consumers About the Smart Grid

An energy company’s business case for investing in a smart grid is driven by: 1) planned operational efficiencies and ...