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ELP Volume 90 Issue 5

Greatest Utility Customer Service Myths

Customer service in the utility industry is undergoing significant change as customer expectations rise regarding accurate ...

Trust Takes Years to Build, Only Seconds to Lose

Public relations firm Edelman has released its 2012 Edelman Trust Barometer Global Results that identifies who has trust, who lost it and why.

Case Study: Lightning Protection Keeps Critical Facilities Running

The possibility of damage from a lightning strike is tremendous for any utility or power transmission firm.

Challenges, Solutions in Utility Communications Networks

Utilities are challenged to use their communications networks more effectively to manage electricity demand, generation, transmission and distribution.

Chattanooga Shows Smart Grid Can Deliver Results

Smart grid deployments gained momentum in recent years, spurred in part by billions of dollars invested as part of the American Recovery ...

Innovation, Vision in the Face of Change

Let me suggest a thought that rather than ending the conversation actually launches more: It is invisible to our attendees ...

Integration of IT and OT— Enabling the Electric Grid of the Future

Maintaining electric supply worldwide will require cumulative investment in transmission and distribution (T&D) infrastructure ...

The Energy Exchange Bazaar

Eric Raymond’s book “The Cathedral and the Bazaar” describes top-down vs. bottom-up software design philosophies using a potent metaphor ...

Energy Efficiency, Smart Grid—It’s all About the Customer

The energy industry is one of the last to transition from its original, late-1800s design to a modern system that provides customers and utilities ...

New Consumer Energy Products, Services Could Redefine Demand Forecasting

Electric utilities face a series of dovetailing technology and competitive trends that point to a significant change for the residential energy market.