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ELP Volume 90 Issue 6

Operational Risk Management During Uncertainty

Regulated electric and gas utilities have seen significant changes as the traditional one-way, franchise monopoly ...

California’s Greenhouse Gas Cap-and-Trade Regs– Who’s Suing, Who Isn’t

By 2013, California electrical power generators and utilities, as well as other greenhouse gas emitters ...

Embracing a Bottom-up Approach to Load Control Programs

The explosion of communicating thermostats has created an opportunity for utilities to cost-effectively acquire new demand response assets.

Fast-changing RPS Rules Create New Opportunities for Renewable Energy

State governments continue to adopt new renewable portfolio standards (RPS) or expand existing ones.

Electric Light & Power Utility of the Year 2012

The utility, which is celebrating 100 years in service, brought more than $17 million in operating revenue in 2011 ...

Greatest Myths Series: The Best Call Center Metric

As part of an ongoing series of exploring the myths of utility customer service, it is important to explore popular utility call center metrics ...

2011 Operating Performance

The 2011 power plant operating performance report didn't uncover anything unexpected about U.S. electricity generation.

Steam Turbine Upgrades Boost Plant Reliability, Efficiency

The push for greater efficiency and capacity often drives steam turbine upgrades and the development of new turbine features.

The Key to Ending the CEO Succession Crisis

The heads of the largest U.S. companies in virtually every business sector are under pressure to build enterprise value.

Happy Anniversary, Electric Light & Power

I often use the November-December editor's letter to look ahead and offer my predictions about the upcoming year.