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ELP Volume 91 Issue 1

Utilities weigh conversions to natural gas

Given looming Environmental Protection Agency mandates, which coal-fired generating units should be shut down early?

Utility leaders address greatest customer service myths

Time has a way of making what is true today a myth tomorrow. At CS Week 2012 in Dallas, Chief Customer Officer Brenda Jackson of Oncor ...

Shale is permanently changing US electricity markets

The U.S. electricity market is in the midst of a sweeping transformation with implications for power producers, investors and end-use customers.

EIA projects little change in 2013 US coal production

The Energy Information Administration's (EIA's) Short-Term Energy Outlook projects total U.S. coal production in 2013 to be close to its 2012 level ...

Survey: Damage assessment key to effective outage restoration

The number and severity of weather events seem to be increasing each year. During the summer, many states endured record heat waves, droughts and wildfires.

CEOs of the year

The editors at Electric Light & Power magazine in the fall asked readers to nominate CEOs of North American electric utilities in two categories.

Under the influence of integrated energy markets

Changes in specific energy markets are reverberating throughout the energy industry.

Tax all carbon–make natural gas the bridge, not end of road

As Congress and the nation debate tax revenues and social expenditures in the context of the so-called fiscal cliff, there are compelling reasons for Congress to enact a carbon tax now.

LIPA’s not alone

Much has been reported and written about U.S. electric utilities' subpar grid infrastructure since Oct. 29, the day Hurricane Sandy moved ashore near Atlantic City.

Think about power line worker safety

Working on power lines is dangerous. What's more, the pace of world change and its ever-increasing distractions make working safely in the electric power industry even more challenging.