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ELP Volume 91 Issue 2

Washington’s stand on energy

In 2008, then-Sen. Barack Obama ran for the White House based partly on the premise that he was committed to passing sweeping energy and climate change legislation ...

Enhancing Outage Communications

Enhancing outage communications is a popular topic in the utility world.  The challenge continues to be providing valued information to customers to improve the overall customer outage experience.

Social analytics, cloud computing change game for utilities

Big data that ranges from social media to real-time operational information is permeating the business environment--utilities included.

Microgrids as risk mitigation for extreme weather

For many people in the urban Northeast, Hurricane Sandy brought the unimaginable. More than 8 million people were without electricity from days to weeks.

Taking a bite out of the risk of energy market cybersecurity Attacks

While media coverage of cyberattacks mostly focuses on data breaches at major brands such as LinkedIn or financial institutions, the nation's critical infrastructure is equally if not more at risk from advanced persistent threats (APTs).

Scientist trumps politicians again for Energy Secretary job

Although rumors that U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu would retire at the beginning of President Barack Obama's second term have circulated for months ...

The queen did what?

Innovation: whether it is genius or collective diligence, innovation is the engine of meaningful change, momentum or financial success.