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ELP Volume 91 Issue 6

Utilities Look to Optimize Their Power Generation Assets

Many utilities are expanding their portfolios of power generation assets, and as older coal-fired plants retire, utilities are deciding what must replace them.

Outage Restoration–Weathering the Storms

Customers want reliability more than anything from their utilities.

Customer Engagement Gets Serious

Do you ever sit back and silently smile after reading an article on how a utility put the "engagement" in customer engagement, how comprehensive the project was, how smoothly everything was accomplished?

Demand Response vs. Demand Optimization–How to Optimize Demand for a More Efficient Grid

The smart grid industry is evolving rapidly and becoming increasingly complex. In a few years, the electric grid has shifted from an operations-based dinosaur ...

Leading Nuclear Plants Into the Digital Age

Because nuclear power plants are licensed to operate for long periods, how does one address obsolescence issues in systems built decades ago?

Catching the On-site Generation Wave

Businesses, factories, educational institutions and even homeowners increasingly are taking the costs and reliability of their energy into their own hands.

Planning, Preparation Crucial to Storm Recovery

Power transmission lines are vulnerable to natural disasters such as extreme weather, wildfires and even earthquakes. Utilities are in the business of selling electricity ...

Planning, Project Controls Bring Flexibility and Agility to Utilities

Utilities manage many projects, from high-volume and low-cost maintenance to capital-intensive, long-term development of generation, transmission and distribution infrastructure.

Utility of the Year 2013– PPL Corp.

This year editors at Electric Light & Power named PPL Corp. Utility of the Year. The utility was born in 1920 when eight utilities with 62 generating plants merged to form Pennsylvania Power & Light Co.

Channel Management Strategy for Outage Communications

As I meet with utility leaders across the country, I find many are focused on advancing outage communications by meeting their audiences in preferred channels with valued information.