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ELP Volume 92 Issue 2

How an ESOP Rewards S&C Electric Company

Reading daily business coverage, with its unremitting focus on tech startups and the doings of Wall Street, one easily could conclude that America lacks a base of middle-market manufacturing excellence ... by Mary Josephs

How to Keep Utility Workers Safe When Working With Wind Power

Safety procedures are becoming an integral part of original equipment manufacturers' (OEMs') commercial strategies and are increasingly business-critical ... by Tildy Bayar

Demand Response Optimization and Optionality

Historically, demand response (DR), demand-side management (DSM) or curtailment calls were made to help satisfy resource imbalances at control areas ... by Ron Chebra

Design Distribution Automation Systems With a Unified Architecture to Maximize Efficiency in Utility Operations

You've heard the hype around the end of the electric utility business model as it exists. Much like the global warming debate a few years ago, whether you believe the hype or not ... by Lance Irwin, and Michael Dulaney

Your Turn to Be Our Customer

Customer engagement is the be-all and end-all as you read social media or industry magazines, but the techniques, nuances, trials and successes are the real information you are seeking. by Rod Litke

Benefits of Combining IT, OT

Grid modernization is driving rapid growth in operations technology (OT). Process maturity and best practices to design, secure and manage such large, complex systems, however, are outside the experience of most OT departments. by Rick Geiger

Translating Data Analytics Opportunities Into Enterprisewide Capabilities

As operational processes and tools within the electric grid have increased and matured, so too has the amount of data being collected by intelligent grid devices. by Bradley Williams

EPA’s Cooling Water Rule–What Now?

Last fall the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) again delayed finalizing the new standards proposed to regulate how power and manufacturing plants take in cooling water ... by Nathan Henderson and Bill Mcelroy

Digital Utilities Transformation–Driving Investment in Planning

Digital transformation is causing a shift in the utilities industry. In the coming years, digitally driven changes will drive increased investment for improved power quality ... by Perry Stoneman

See What You Missed?

The fifth annual Electric Light & Power Executive Conference was bigger, better and more aligned with utility executives' schedules than ever before, attendees said. by Kristen Wright