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ELP Volume 92 Issue 3

Creating Cracker Jack Moments for Utility Customers

Chip Bell's latest book, "The 9½ Principles of Innovative Service" published by Simple Truths in 2013, provides thought-provoking principles supported with stories.  By Penni McLean-Conner, Northeast Utilities

An Industry in Transformation–How Utilities Can Stay Ahead of the Game

This year has gotten off to an interesting start if you are in the utility industry.  By Marie Bahl McKenna, VP of Strategy, Tendril

Electric Light & Power Exclusive: Utility CIOs Talk Cybersecurity, Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is worth the investment, but some utility information is too sensitive to be kept in the cloud, four chief information officers (CIOs) of major investor-owned utilities told Electric Light & Power magazine.  By Kristen Wright, senior editor

Bigger, Better, Richer Information

Who cares that CS Week 2014 exceeded all goals, all numbers and won overwhelming response from participants?  By Rod Litke

Collaborating With Utility Customers–What to Do (and Why You Should)

Not too many years back, few utility customers were seeking relationships with their electric utilities. They just wanted their lights on 24/7 at a low cost.  By Liz Enbysk, Smart Cities Council

Are Today’s Customer Engagement Initiatives Missing the Point?

Ask about customer engagement in the utility sector these days, and anyone will tell you it's the new frontier in demand reduction and climate change.  By V. Rory Jones and Stephen L. Malloy, Planet Ecosystems

A Utility’s Social Media Journey to Customer Connectivity

As consumers flock to social media to connect and interact with businesses, customer centricity has never been more essential--or immediate.  By Dustin Johnson and Candice Pedersen, PwC

5 Social Media Best Practices to Boost e-Bill Adoption

More than 80 percent of U.S. online households use social media, and more than half of those households connect to a business or service provider through social media.  By Eric Leiserson, Fiserv

How Hydro Owners Do More With Less

Analysis of 10 years of data collected from owners and operators of hydroelectric facilities reveals several trends.  By Kerry J. LaLiberte, Navigant Consulting Inc.

Plan Your Next Outage Carefully–Your People and Blood Pressure Will Thank You

There are four phases to any project: initiation, planning, execution and closing, according to the Project Management Institute.  By Nick Gaglia, NAES Corp.