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ELP Volume 92 Issue 4

Customer Opinion, Fossil Fuels Top EEI Conversations

Editor in Chief Teresa Hansen joined utility VIPs this summer in Las Vegas for the EEI Annual Convention. These are the most memorable quotes from the week.

Momentum in Utility Education

Record attendance, enthusiastic participants and overall growth across all the components of CS Week 2014 and Conference 38 leave us with a single question: How do we capitalize on this energy and myriad ideas to create an even better CS Week for Charlotte, North Carolina, in 2015?

Energy-efficient Buildings, Analytics and Con Edison

Buildings consume 40 percent of all U.S. energy, and up to half of the energy that buildings use is routinely wasted, according to data from the Energy Information Administration and IBM.

How to Assess the Benefits of Transmission Investment

As electric infrastructure becomes increasingly complex and our economic challenges progressively demanding, accurately assessing the benefits of transmission investment is becoming more important.

Intelligent Undergrounding-Burying Highly Reliable Cable When, Where it Makes Sense

Whether talking about aesthetic appeal in new residential and commercial zones, obtaining legal rights of way or economic loss from storm-related power outages, putting transmission and distribution infrastructure underground is a hot topic.

How to Transform Data Into Value-added Information Through Analytics

Large-scale deployment of advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) and intelligent energy devices (IEDs) combined with grid edge power conditioning equipment and availability of sensor data has created a tremendous need for data storage and analysis.

Intelligent Energy Storage- Key to Unlocking the Smart Grid

Our aged, worn electric grid has seen more changes and been confronted with more challenges during the past 10 years than at any other time since its inception.

Energy Storage Going Mainstream-Valuation and Procurement

During the past five years, energy storage technologies have experienced unprecedented funding by public and private sources for research, development and demonstration.

Case Study: ScottishPower’s Strategy for Asset Management and Process Safety

Energy company ScottishPower, a division of Iberdrola, was the first power generator and the second company in the world to be certified on BSI Publicly Available Specification 55 (PAS 55:2008), which benchmarks best practices in asset management.

Legal Issues: The 6 Deadly Memes of Tree and Power Line Conflicts

When trees conflict with energized lines, a lot can go wrong. The consequences of this type of occurrence can include power outages or blackouts, fires and, most tragic, accidental injuries or deaths.