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ELP Volume 93 Issue 1

New Year, New Commitment: National Power Grid

A new year is a time for personal resolutions: Americans often pledge to hit the gym, eat healthier and save more money.

When the New Year Means ‘New’

What if your business model called for reinvention every year? How would you plan for it? Staff for it? Fund it?

Implementing a Proactive Security Plan

Several months ago, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) issued its "Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity."

Putting the ‘Smart’ Back in Smart Grid-Cybersecurity for the Grid

Increasingly, utilities are challenged to modernize their power grid to become "smart."

A Winter’s Tale: Optimizing Demand Response With Comprehensive Customer-centric Software

by Joel Riciputi, Nexant With winter's higher heating and energy use, utility executives continue to assess new strategies to address peak demand. Beyond peak demand program design, executives increasingly are focusing on ongoing program management...

Eastern Interconnection Offers Positive Outlook for Wind Generation With Frequency Responsive Plant Controls

Governments, grid operators and utilities across the U.S. are working to integrate increasing amounts of renewable generation into their energy mix. One of the perceived challenges is the impact of renewables on grid stability.

Generation Choices for Microgrids

by William Moran, TRC Many communities and large institutions are seeking to employ microgrid technology because they know it will prevent outages, especially during severe storms; however, choosing reliable power generation sources to support the...

Lessons From the Polar Vortex: How Energy Retailers Can Prepare for the Next Winter...

Just the recollection of the polar vortex of 2014 sends a chill down the spines of U.S. energy retailers.

Employee Value Propositions: A Foundation in Building a Competitive Work Force

America's work force is aging, and baby boomers are hitting retirement age in large numbers.

Cracker Jack Moments – The Duke Energy Story

During the past few months, I have explored how utilities are delivering Crack Jack moments to customers.