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ELP Volume 93 Issue 2

Big Telecommunications Hang-up for Utilities:Here Comes the Sun(set) of TDM, Analog and Frame Relay

What would happen if the telecommunication networks that utilities have relied on for decades to manage their electrical grids suddenly became unavailable?

Energy App Best Practices-An App-solute Necessity for Energy Companies

Power and utility companies, like many businesses, look continually for innovative ways to capture enhanced data and use technology better to improve and streamline business operations and provide more customer value.

Helping the Utility Industry, Industrial Sector Accommodate Renewable Energy

For a long time, industrial companies have represented a highly variable and difficult to manage set of customers for utilities. Industrial plants and facilities can have big shifts in loads, and utilities must keep capacity readily available.

Will Demand Response Model Change With ‘Bring Your Own Device?’

For decades, residential demand response programs provided peak load reduction by remotely controlling HVAC systems and other high energy-use appliances.

French Utility EDF Uses IEC 61850

French utility giant EDF uses IEC 61850 for more than the standard's usual communication applications. Working with Schneider Electric, EDF has embraced a new approach for application modeling with IEC 61850 at its core.

Bridging the Disconnect Between Utilities and Self-generators

The electricity industry is transforming at a pace that most in the industry would not have imagined a few years ago.

The State of Variable Rate Advertising Litigation: Electric Avenue isn’t Rocking as Hard as...

In the 1990s and 2000s, some states enacted laws permitting third-party energy companies to sell electricity and natural gas directly to consumers.

Sustaining the Electric Power Growth Model

Electric utilities have proven themselves an anomaly during the past six years.

Duke Energy’s Fond Farewell to a Generation of Generation

Editor's note: When I put the Power Plant and Regulations topic on the editorial calendar for this issue, I planned to write an article that details how the latest environmental regulations are changing the generation mix.


The sixth annual Electric Light & Power Executive Conference drew 170 electric utility industry influencers-the largest crowd yet-including 10 electric utility CEO speakers or award winners, a British knight and a Walmart executive.