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ELP Volume 93 Issue 3

Can Carbon Emissions be Curbed Without EPA Rule?

As we eagerly await the final Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Clean Power Plan rule to be issued this summer, I want to offer some alternatives to the EPA rule for states that will have trouble complying.

3 Ways to Engage Utility Customers in Home Energy Management

Utilities have been developing home energy management (HEM) programs for the past decade or so but with fairly low customer engagement.

D-Day at the Substation- Historic Challenges and Lessons

Substation engineers are among the utility industry's unsung heroes.

Moving beyond smart grid toward customer engagement

Electricity customers sit at the intersection of big data, online portals, grid modernization investments, innovative smart energy appliances and programs.

Is your utility socially awkward?

If utilities ignore customers' wants - interactive apps, social media and responsive mobile sites-any number of companies that are listening could fight to take over a largely untapped market.

Educational Opportunities Continue to Skyrocket

Another record-breaking year at CS Week sets the standard even higher for the variety and substance of next year's educational content, speakers and venues.

How Legislation is Boosting Hydro Development in US

When President Barack Obama enacted both the Hydropower Regulatory Efficiency Act (HREA) and Bureau of Reclamation Small Conduit Hydropower Development and Rural Jobs Act in August 2013, their passage was seen as a coup for the hydroelectric power industry and a harbinger of development within the U.S.

Microgrids and Regulatory Frameworks- Complex Utility Issues Ahead

If you've any doubt we're headed toward a world where microgrids become a significant part of our electric system, consider this: From now through 2019, analysts from TechNavio anticipate a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of some 19 percent in microgrid-related revenue and a CAGR of 17 percent in installed capacity.

Optimizing Electric Utility O&M With Predictive Analytics

With ongoing pressure from regulations and consumers, electric utilities are operating with the highest levels of efficiency, reliability and safety as top priorities.

Solar Plant O&M Optimization- How to Improve Performance and Reliability

Solar photovoltaic (PV) power plants continue to expand their impact as a dependable supply of electric power in the U.S. Growing implementations of PV onto the power grid will lead to greater emphasis on operating PV systems efficiently.