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ELP Volume 94 Issue 1

The Qualities That Growing Companies Share

When we step back and review companies in the power sector, at first it's difficult to come up with a concrete list of success strategies that broadly apply to all players.

Managing Risk During M&A Integration-A Focus on Internal Controls

Increased economies of scale, changing generation landscape and a national slowdown on consumption are among the macro forces driving significant merger and acquisition (M&A) activity in the power and utilities sector.

Don’t Derail Your ADMS Implementation With Bad Data

Advanced distribution management systems (ADMS), which include outage management and distribution management, are keys to automating utility processes and integrating systems.

Questar Gas Creates As-built Gas Delivery Maps With Improved Accuracy and Enterprise Integration

For its entire 87-year history, Questar Gas has focused on building accurate, up-to-date asset maps to serve as the foundation to help ensure the safe and efficient delivery of natural gas.

Taking Advantage Of Disruption Utilities Must Brave New Customer Battleground

Over the last 24 months the power sector received a jarring wake-up call-the technology revolution has begun without the utility industry as its prime mover.

Making Sense of the Tax Credit Extensions for Wind, Solar (and Bioenergy, Too)

Tuesday December 15 was a good day for U.S. renewable energy companies.

For and Against Give and Take About the Clean Power Plan

I teach energy law at the Pace Law School in White Plains, New York.

Study Forecasts Huge Fall in U.S Coal Burn Under Clean Power Plan

Depending on factors like how individual states respond with their own state implementation plans, coal burn at U.S. power plants could fall from a little less than 800 million tons in 2022, the first year for implementation of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Clean Power Plan, to as low as less than 400 million tons in 2030, the final target year under the CPP.