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Transportation electrification modeling software could help energy stakeholders make better investment decisions

Electrification, shared mobility, and automation shape not only consumer choice but also the decisions utilities, city developers, service providers and other stakeholders make each day. In turn, where they decide to invest and locate their services, circles back...

Life during cyber wartime: Exelon IT experts detail live exercises

Most war exercises are starkly visual, intimidatingly loud experiences. Weapons, hardware, maybe even smoke and booms are involved. The cyberwar is a different animal altogether, with an invisible enemy probing for weakness along the wall separating...

Pepco’s Capital Grid Project moves forward with PSC approval

With approval by the Public Service Commission of the District of Columbia, Pepco is moving forward with its Capital Grid project, a ten-year strategy to strengthen the resiliency and reliability of the District's energy grid by modernizing aging infrastructure while creating a smarter energy system

Exelon appoints Calvin Butler Jr. as interim CEO of Exelon Utilities

This appointment follows the retirement of Anne Pramaggiore, senior executive vice president and CEO of Exelon Utilities, which is also effective immediately.

ComEd Icebox Derby teaches young women value of STEM skills

The Exelon-owned utility has selected 30 participants ages 13 to 18. Working with mentors, they develop craftsmanship and STEM-related skills to build the cars while also earning $1,500 scholarships for each young woman.

GE Hitachi to help decommission Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station

GEH will dismantle, segment and pack reactor internals and the reactor pressure vessel of the boiling water reactor that was shut down in September 2018. 

It’s time to stop underestimating the power of intelligent automation

The traditional utilities business model is under pressure worldwide. Decarbonization, deregulation, and decentralization are having a significant impact on the energy and utilities industry. And the change isn't only within the industry itself: renewables capacity is growing exponentially, and a formerly passive consumer is becoming more aware and demanding more from their utilities, including a response to climate change.

EEI names Exelon Corp. CEO its new chairman

The Institute's chairmanship rotates on an annual basis, and Crane succeeds Lynn J. Good, chairman, president, and CEO of Charlotte-based Duke Energy

Smart grid transformation hinges on data bandwidth — and lots of it

Sensors, smart meters, and other digital devices have the potential to transform the nation's electric grid — from outage-detecting utility poles to household appliances programmed to run only when wind power is plentiful

Fortune favors the early: Registration for POWERGEN International is now open

POWERGEN also is renewing its focus on the end user of all these technologies both new and fundamental-the utilities. Among the experts speaking at the conference will include engineers and other specialists from AES, Duke Energy, Southern Co., Southern California Edison, Evergy, Exelon, Salt River Project, Public Service Co. of Oklahoma and WE Energies.