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FPL Group expands into NE markets:

FPL Group`s business energy subsidiary, FPL Energy Services, began selling gas and electricity to business customers in Pennsylvania and New York. Operating in Florida since 1986, the company expects to enter New Jersey`s market later this summer.

FPL Energy to build in Mass.:

FPL Energy Inc., a subsidiary of FPL Group Inc., plans to build a 700 MW gas-fired power plant in Bellingham, Mass. This is FPL Energy`s third major project announced this year-a 1,000 MW gas-fired plant is planned for construction in Paris, Texas, and a 248 MW gas-fired combined-cycle plant is planned in Everett, Wash.

C.O. Woody, president of FPL Groups power generation division, retired in June, ending a...

C.O. Woody, president of FPL Group`s power generation division, retired in June, ending a 42-year career. As a result of his retirement, Antonio Rodreguez became senior vice president of power generation, and Armando J. Olivera, became senior vice president of power systems. Rodreguez was formerly vice president of power delivery, and Olivera was vice president of distribution.

CMP closes contested FPL sale:

CMP Group closed the $846.5 million sale of its Central Maine Power unit`s power plants (1,185 MW total) to FPL Group. FPL Group won a six-month bidding process but filed suit in November 1998 to back out of the deal, claiming federal orders calling for changes in New England`s regional transmission policies were a "material adverse event" under terms of the contract that released it from its obligation to complete the purchase. However, a federal court in New York City ruled in favor of CMP.

FPL Energy expands into Washington:

FPL Energy, a subsidiary of FPL Group Inc., will build, own and operate a 248 MW combined-cycle gas plant in Everett. FPL Energy purchased the right to build the plant from Northwest Power Enterprises Inc., which received full permitting for the project. Plans call for construction beginning in late 1999 or early 2000, with startup expected in 2001.

Merchant power battles for Florida turf

Entrepreneurs in recent years aggressively pursued development of merchant power plants in Florida for the sale of wholesale electricity since projections are that the state may need as much as 8,000 MW of additional electricity over the next 10 years. Merchant plants are entirely funded and constructed by private equity investment and debt financing with no captive ratepayers to assure the repayment and recovery of the construction or operating costs. End users of electric power from merchant p

FPL wants out of CMP deal

FPL Group Inc. expects to have its day in court Feb. 2. A U.S. federal court will consider whether to grant FPL`s request to release it from an $845 million deal to buy Central Maine Power`s (CMP) enerating assets. The reason-new Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) rulings on transmission access and other issues that changed the playing field for acquired plants in New England.

Constellation seeks Florida permits:

Constellation Power Inc. (an unregulated subsidiary of Baltimore Gas & Electric Co.), began permitting an 850 MW, gas-fired peaking power plant near Cocoa, Fla. The Oleander facility would be located next to Florida Power & Light`s Brevard County substation, serving central Florida and the state`s east coast. The plant is not subject to the Florida Power Plant Siting Act, and could be fully permitted by mid-1999.

Calpine usurps FPL Geysers bid:

Calpine Corp. exercised its right of first refusal to acquire Pacific Gas & Electric Co.`s (PG&E) Lake County geothermal power plants, totaling 150 MW, for $73.8 million, plus a $1.5 million breakup fee to be paid to the winning bidder-FPL Energy-under the terms of a recent auction. Calpine owns and operates the Geysers steam field operations currently supplying the Lake County plants, and aims to optimize geothermal energy production to lower costs and help extend the life of the geothermal res

Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority Signs AMR Contract

The Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA) and Distribution Control Systems Inc. (DCSI) have signed a $50 million TWACS contract to bring AMR to Puerto Rico. PREPA selected the TWACS power line communications system for an initial three-year program that will install 700,000 AMR transponders, communications infrastructure and other services. A subsequent island-wide expansion of the system will take place over 5 to 8 years for PREPA`s 1.3 million customers. The total contract is estimated