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Hydro Tasmania welcomes government’s 1,200 MW interconnection deal

The proposed additional 1,200 MW of interconnection capacity between Tasmania and Victoria would mean that the Tasmanian hydropower system would better support the National Electricity Market (NEM) as it transitions over coming decades

Case Study: Thermal Energy Storage Saves California Winery Nearly $30K a Year

Wilson Creek Winery in California's Temecula Valley is best known for its award-winning Almond Champagne, yet the winery's commitment to environmental agriculture and facilities management has led the winery to an equally innovative approach to energy management.

HVDC and FACTS Go Global

Electric power supply is essential for the survival of society, like the blood in the body.

Procurement Lessons from the Asia/Pacific Rim

With an estimated 10- to 15-percent growth rate in electrical loads annually, utilities in the Asia-Pacific region are faced with monumental challenges in meeting customer power demands. Such phenomenal growth places considerable pressure on utility engineers and managers in trying to plan, build and maintain their power systems to serve present and future needs. A key factor to success is implementing the automation technology.