DER-Grid Edge

Utilities are — and have been for a long time — seeking better ways through which they can engage with their customers. According to Jeff Hamel, director of energy and housing partnerships at Google, the Nest smart thermostat, which is part of the hardware product line that Google provides, is a good example of a simple way that utilities are partnering with their customers.
Outage Management

The North American Electric Reliability Corp.’s latest annual resiliency report acknowledged the big hits taken from Category 5 storms such as Hurricane’s Harvey and Irma last year. Those caused sustained damage to the affected grids, but repair efforts moved quickly and returned service to customers in faster time than similarly devastating storms years earlier.  

ISO-New England delivered a grid resiliency report to federal regulators that may not directly concur with Energy Secretary Rick Perry’s call for price supports for coal and nuclear energy, but it certainly shares many of his gravest concerns over a future grid devoid of on-site stored fuels.