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US groups launch “ËœMacro Grid Initiative’ to integrate renewables and create resilience

Coming on the heels of an announcement out of Germany regarding its new transmission line that will bring offshore wind energy from its northern regions to its southern manufacturing centers, two groups in the U.S. have launched...

Home batteries, rooftop solar could balance power grid, but policy changes needed

Rooftop solar panels and home battery systems could play a significant role in balancing the nation's electric grid, but federal regulators need to adopt policies to help make that happen, according to a clean energy group's recent report.

Carlyle Group entity completes buy of New England GTCC plants

The $590 million deal selling the plants to Revere Power LLC closed successfully. The sale of Bridgeport Energy, Tiverton Power and Rumford Power was announced in November 2018.

Someday soon your utility will help you select your next car

Utilities are — and have been for a long time — seeking better ways through which they can engage with their customers. According to Jeff Hamel, director of energy and housing partnerships at Google, the Nest smart thermostat, which is part of the hardware product line that Google provides, is a good example of a simple way that utilities are partnering with their customers.

NERC Report says Grid Resiliency Keeps Improving

The North American Electric Reliability Corp.'s latest annual resiliency report acknowledged the big hits taken from Category 5 storms such as Hurricane's Harvey and Irma last year. Those caused sustained damage to the affected grids, but repair efforts moved quickly and returned service to customers in faster time than similarly devastating storms years earlier.  

New England ISO adequate power supplies expected to be available this summer

Tight supply margins could develop if forecasted peak system conditions associated with extreme hot and humid weather occur

Exelon files to retire Mystic fossil power plant in 2022

Exelon Generation filed with the ISO New England to retire Mystic Generating Station's Units 7, 8, 9, and the Jet unit on June 1, 2022

RTO/ISOs have Questions of Their own on Grid Resiliency

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission earlier this year asked regional transmission organizations and independent system operators (RTO/ISO) to report their observations and concerns about many challenges facing the North American power grid. 

ISO New England resiliency report to FERC warns fuel security at risk

ISO-New England delivered a grid resiliency report to federal regulators that may not directly concur with Energy Secretary Rick Perry's call for price supports for coal and nuclear energy, but it certainly shares many of his gravest concerns over a future grid devoid of on-site stored fuels.

Enel expands demand response portfolio in New England

Enel's virtual power plant in New England will increase by 50 percent year-over-year