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Retx.com chosen for load response pilot program with ISO New England

Internet-based software developer Retx.com has started a pilot program with ISO New England and the New England Power Pool to provide and monitor electric load response capabilities, said Retx.com CEO and President, Ross D. Malme.


Thin reserve margins, spot price spikes, transmission and distribution congestion, rotating blackouts, and interregional arbitrage are just some of the challenges of a restructuring power industry. EPRI is helping power providers and their customers understand how to manage risk and increase profitability in these turbulent times, using Internet-based load management systems.

Justice seeks information on Con Ed-Northeast Utilities merger

Grid operator ISO New England said Friday it has received a civil investigative demand from the US Department of Justice to produce information in conjunction with the Justice Department's investigation of the acquisition of Northeast Utilities by Consolidated Edison Inc.

Three Northeast ISOs to examine regional market

Three Northeast independent system operators have jointly issued a request for proposal for a feasibility study of a regional market for day-ahead electricity prices and schedules.

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The New Jersey American Water Co., which provides water and wastewater services in 15 New Jersey counties, has selected energy service provider NewEnergy as its electricity supplier under the New Jersey Choice Program. Approximately 100 accounts in New Jersey representing 20 MW are covered under the contract.

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Findings of a new survey suggest that consumers are interested in dealing with their energy suppliers over the Internet, but only half the customers who deal with energy providers over the Internet are satisfied with the results. According to the survey these high-tech households are more critical of their utilities than other consumers.

Three for the new millennium: EL&P recognizes executives vision

Consider all major business transformations in the history of Western Civilization, from the rise of feudalism through the coming biotech age. Each shift has been driven by a few individuals with big ideas, people who were not afraid to challenge conventional thinking, people like William the Conquerer, Florence Nightingale and Henry Ford.

NSTAR forges new model as wires and pipes utility

EL&P`s Utility of the Month for March 2000 is NSTAR, formed from the merger of Boston Edison and Commonwealth Energy Systems.

ISO and generators joust in New England, “fair” market prices spur attacks

Battle cries of price gouging, price suppression and threatened reliability res-ounded across the six-state region of New England`s restructured wholesale electricity marketplace as the Independent System Operator New England (ISO-NE) and generators took stock after their initial 10-month run.