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Chris Christie releases $25 million for microgrids, distributed generation

The program is part of the Christie administration's efforts to rebuild infrastructure after Superstorm Sandy and is targeted at critical facilities throughout the state

Smart buildings 2.0–Business continuity drives microgrids for corporate campuses

One could argue that building automation and the utility-to-commercial building space--let's call it Smart Buildings 1.0--has matured.

Microgrids for military bases to surpass $377 million by 2018

According to a recent report from Navigant Research, annual revenue from microgrids for stationary military bases and FOBs will reach $377.8 million by 2018

ABB partners with Distributed Sun on microgrids

By the end of the decade, the U.S. urban microgrid market size is estimated to be $5 billion to $10 billion and growing as much as 20 percent annually

Microgrids as risk mitigation for extreme weather

For many people in the urban Northeast, Hurricane Sandy brought the unimaginable. More than 8 million people were without electricity from days to weeks.

Microgrids to reach $3.3 billion in market value by 2018

Seeking to integrate renewable energy sources, improve grid reliability, and reduce peak loads, a handful of innovative utilities are moving forward with microgrid projects despite institutional bias and regulatory obstacles

Microgrids offer reliable form of demand response

The new microgrid paradigm relies more on renewable distributed energy generation, employing IT advances, sophisticated software and new islanding inverters to network these resources so that they harmonize as a system

Developing Model-based Microgrids

Microgrid systems attract interest due to enhanced reliability and self-reliance. From technical and economic perspectives, microgrid development poses challenges and opportunities. Integrating system management makes it possible to realize smart operation—to maximize system efficiency and security while lowering operational costs.

Microgrids and M2M

Beecham Research Ltd. is focused exclusively on the $45-billion machine-to-machine (M2M) market and views microgrids from that perspective, lying within the energy service sector, one of nine sectors tracked by Beecham.

Fuel Cell Microgrids in the Real World

A new approach to power generation is on the horizon. Research, development and demonstration (RD&D) efforts are facilitating the deployment of microgrids...