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By Rod Walton, Senior Editor Renewable Industry Groups Push Perry to Consider Renewables Four renewable energy industrry groups in the United States submitted materials to U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry that included their analyses of why...

Utilities Choose to Embrace Distributed Energy Future”or Ignore at Their own Peril

"Many electricity providers have made investments to integrate DER solutions into their portfolios of service offerings. They are also exploring how to monetize DER by bidding aggregated resources into wholesale energy markets and expanding into new customer segments."  

Con Edison to let energy storage systems feed power onto grid

Con Edison has saved ratepayers money by reducing energy demand at peak hours  

GE Hitachi wins Exelon outage services contract

GEH will provide a full portfolio of outage and inspection services to Exelon's fleet of 15 BWR units throughout the Mid-Atlantic, Midwest and Northeast

NYISO says NY state power grid has enough electric power through 2026

The 2016 plan listed several recommendations, including a call to monitor and track transmission owner plans

Energy Storage Sparking Minds, Pocketbooks of some Utility, Vendor Planners

Does it all make sense from a fiscal point of view? Time will tell, as always, whether the steep investments prove to have a payoff and the renewables continue to come online which need stabilizing on the grid. But, those questions aside and with a new president promising to dump regulations and save the coal industry, many utilities still are moving ahead with energy storage.

Con Edison brings energy storage to New York City

Con Edison will determine where to deploy the batteries each summer based on the needs of its electrical networks

AES to build solar energy storage project in Hawaii

The project consists of 28 MW solar photovoltaic and a 20 MW five-hour duration energy storage system 

FERC Order 1000 is working slowly, but it is working

Panelist David DesLauriers, director, Black & Veatch Management Consulting, noted that all of the regions have their regional plans approved by FERC

Interconnect filed for revived New York power plant unit

Greenidge Gen is restarting Unit 4 of the Greenidge plant in Dresden, New York