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VIDEO: Leclanche to build 20 MW energy storage project in Chicago area

The Chicago-area project was developed by GlidePath Power

VIDEO: PPL on track to spend more than $1 billion on power grid upgrades

PPL on Nov. 1 announced 3Q16 reported earnings (GAAP) of $473 million, or 69 cents per share, an increase from 3Q15 reported earnings of $393 million, or 58 cents per share

When Engineering Meets Economics The Formula That Propels Energy Storage

The rapidly expanding market for energy storage has historically been segmented by use cases and the stakeholders poised to benefit from the application of these use cases.

Lockheed Martin commissions energy storage system in New York

Lockheed Martin installed its GridStar Lithium energy storage system at the company's Syracuse, New York, facility

September was busy month in wind power, with dozens of projects

One highlight was PJM studies on a 500 MW wind project offshore of Maryland

NYPA working with Ohio State on studying hurricane impact to transmission

The New Yorkers are working with the Buckeyes to figure out how to beat the hurricanes

The Evolution of Demand Response Programs

While many utility-run demand response programs focus on getting at residential loads through smart thermostats, there are also increasing opportunities for commercial and industrial loads to help relieve the system on the distribution level.

Investors not thrilled with offers to buy Homer City coal plant

The plant is made up of: Unit 1 (620 MW), Unit 2 (614 MW) and Unit 3 (650 MW). It is located at Indiana, Pa., about 60 miles east of Pittsburgh

Wind farms in Texas, N.D., N.Y. move forward

August saw development steps for several wind projects around the United States, including two companion projects in North Dakota of NextEra Energy  


NextEra Energy Announces $18.4B Deal to buy Oncor from EFH Florida-based NextEra Energy, moving fast after its bid for Hawaiian Electric Industries (HEI) was doomed only a few weeks ago, rebounded by making a move...