Competitive Edge Sharpened With Wireless Dispatch System

Decades of tight regulation have all but eliminated competition as a concern in the gas-service industry. But with deregulation now looming, gas utilities may soon go head-to-head with plumbers, pipefitters and other independent businesses who are pressing the state to move gas service outside the realm of public gas utilities. Deregulation is putting gas utilities under tremendous pressure to develop strategies for becoming more competitive.

Reengineering Customer Service: A Key To Competitive Advantage and Value-Added DSM Delivery in the

Reengineering Customer Service: A Key To Competitive Advantage and Value-Added DSM Delivery in the Future

1995 Utility Studies Identify Automation Technology Trends

Utility Automation (UA) Research, formerly CSR Market Data Services, recently completed a series of 1995 utility studies. These studies focus on supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) and automated mapping (AM)/facilities management (FM)/geographic information systems (GIS) technologies for the electric, gas and water utilities. Throughout 1995, market analysts interviewed utility managers at more than 3,120 U.S. and Canadian utilities to identify specific system purchasing plans. The

Assuring Continuous Operation at CONVEX Control Center

The key to understanding the operations of the Connecticut Valley Electric Exchange (CONVEX) is the word "exchange." An operations center of Northeast Utilities, United Illuminating and several smaller utilities, CONVEX operates a control center that links the systems of several operating companies into a single efficient grid, serving approximately more than two million customers in Connecticut and western Massachusetts. One control room governs the movement of power at 69,000 V and above and t

Open Systems: The Vendors Perspective

Open system architecture has had a profound effect on all facets of utility automation. Now, for the first time a mechanism exists that provides for the orderly migration of existing systems rather than completely replacing them every 10 to 15 years as has historically been the case. For most users, especially those electric utilities with complex and expensive supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA)/emergency management system (EMS) installations, the cost of purchasing new equipment h

Automation Technologies Featured at Record-setting Symposium

The Sixth International DA/DSM(TM) DistribuTECH(TM) Symposium continued the tradition of increased attendance, more exhibitors and excellent program sessions. The 3,500 attendees from all over the world learned about the "Keys to Success in the Market-Driven Future"--the primary focus of the symposium. Sessions were available on utility information technology, system strategies and customer satisfaction.

North Jersey Develops Computerized Reservoir Management Program

By Donald Distante, Lawler Matusky & Skelly Engineers, William Goble, North Jersey District Water Supply Commission, and Pen Tao, United Water New Jersey

The Semantics of Not Puttingthe Ferrari in the Back of the Truck

As of late, there has been much talk about moving supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) and automatic meter reading (AMR) data out into the corporation. Utilities are experimenting with many different options to do this. Some options include writing a subset of the data to a relational database, or routing SCADA data directly through the WAN, or creating an application/database to temporarily store and utilize the data for a specific application. These solutions are often limited in f

Mobile Computing Makes its Move on Utility Field Automotion

It`s a dark and stormy night. The bad weather front rips through your service territory, impacting your ability to deliver service to your customers. Your crews are being dispatched to address the ever-changing, critical customer needs as the storm cuts through the heart of your area. Teams of field personnel blanket the area, and the detailed information your company requires to do its job properly arrives in a flash. Your telephone switchboards light up with activity, but your customer care re

Giving AMR the Nod:Analyzing the Costs and Benefits

Better customer information can serve as a springboard for a host of strategic initiatives--creating new customer services, reducing costs and managing demand. With competition on the horizon, it`s easy to understand why automated meter reading (AMR) has become a hot topic.