A Project Managers Guide To Data Conversion (Or, Six Things Your Mother Never Told...

Data conversion is only a single component of a robust GIS implementation. Depending on the size and complexity of the conversion effort, though, data conversion can represent a significant portion of the entire GIS budget. Unless the only focus of the GIS project is to convert the data, there are other critical factors that will determine the success of the GIS implementation.

Research Studies Identify SCADA, AM/FM/GIS and AMR Projects for Water/Wastewater Utilities

Water and wastewater utilities in the United States and Canada are planning 482 SCADA and/or process-control-system projects over the next two years. The projects are valued at over $325 million; 88 projects have budgets of $1 million or greater. These projects, and others, are described in a series of detailed reports published by Utility Automation (UA) Research.

Optimizing Performance and Reliability with Plant Automation

Carolina Power & Light Co.`s (CP&L) Roxboro Plant utilizes integrated automation and information technologies in efforts to achieve the lowest possible production costs through optimizing performance and reliability while meeting environmental constraints. These efforts are part of an ongoing multiphase Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) Integrated Automation Project at CP&L`s Roxboro Plant. The project began in 1991 with Phases 1 and 2 (1991-1994) as a joint alliance agreement with EPRI,

Automated Trouble Call Handling at Atlantic Energy

Dispatching for an electrical utility during power outages is one of life`s most difficult tasks. For most individuals whose job it is to handle telephones, dispatch crews and generally facilitate the restoration of electrical service, life is made up of long periods of normalcy liberally interspersed with periods of intense activity.

Cellular Access for Substation Distribution Automation

As a result of deregulation within the electric utility industry and the ensuing increase in competition, all utilities--whether they be investor-owned, municipals, co-ops or government entities--are finding themselves in a position of either differentiating their product, attempting to reduce costs or both. The laws of the free market dictate that only the most efficient will survive, and in fact thrive, at the expense of the less-efficient competition. The recent wave of mergers and acquisitio

Nova Scotia Power Upgrades Information System

Privatization and free-market competition initiated in 1992 prompted Nova Scotia Power to review all of its operations to seek greater efficiencies. Their challenge now is to stay competitive not only with electric utilities, but also oil and gas companies. Management realized that using its resources more efficiently while delivering the highest level of service at the lowest cost to its customers was even more crucial to its success in the new, competitive environment.

Remote Monitoring Systems

The Messenger Series 500 from Dancer Communications is a low-price, off-the-shelf system for telemetry applications. System can communicate in both voice and data mode as well as monitor eight inputs. The automatic dial-out alarm alerts up to eight user-designated individuals with a clear, natural voice message over standard telephone lines or provides communication via its built-in modem with any type of computer or data terminal. A voice annunciator allows access for up-to-the-moment reports w

Mapping Asset Information

The Asset Information Mapper from Advance Technology Corp. maps anchors, customers, hydrants, meters, pads, poles, valves and other utility assets. System uses GIS, laser range-finding tools and pen-based computers to improve accuracy and reduce the amount of time required to map assets. Operators can pinpoint exact asset location without having to physically visit each asset. A GPS feature further enhances overall capabilities.

Remote-Alarm Module

The remote-alarm module from DPS converts 16 discrete alarms and one serial TBOS port to Bellcore Transaction Language 1. The new remote provides 16 opto-isolated discrete inputs and a TBOS serial port with up to 512 alarms. In addition, the unit provides two relay-control outputs. Unit is also available for more conventional protocols on a fixed facility using proprietary TRIP protocol on a dial facility or directly to an ASCII terminal. It can also be programmed to report complete-stat

Network-Management System Extends System Life

Landis & Gyr`s new line of network-management systems features a "version release" approach to baseline software updates that allows users to maintain their systems in a continuously current state. Each system in the line offers extensive scalability and expandability with a wide selection of base automation products and advanced application software to control, monitor, manage and optimize a wide range of utility functions. User-friendly tool kits, including a developer`s kit, are available as