Nationwide GIS Becomes Instrumental in Drainage Management

The arid, rocky plains of Qatar, a tiny peninsular country on the Arabian Gulf, harbor a complex drainage and sewage system managed by the world`s first nationwide GIS.

Radio Systems for DA/DSM

The availability of accurate and timely information is vital to any business`s survival today. For utilities, this means provision of communication systems that provide metering, monitoring and control capabilities to match the needs of the service provided. These communication systems form the core of the various applications that go under the labels of AMR, DA and DSM.

DA/DSM(TM) EUROPE 96 Waltzes to Vienna

Grub Gott, Wien! At more than 1,000 years old, Vienna, Austria, boasts a rich and colorful history. In the Middle Ages, the region was once a center of the Holy Roman Empire and later supplanted by the Austro-Hungarian empire under the Habsburg dynasty. This was the beginning of great architecture in Vienna as construction of several beautiful churches and imperial palaces commenced. Thereafter, the city became a haven for great music composers such as Mozart, Beethoven and Brahms. At the turn o

On-line Directories Provide Anchor for Spinning a Research Web

I`m looking for information on installations of small gas turbines in cogen applications during the last 12 months; can you help me?" This is one typical question, of dozens, that we receive each month at Power Engineering. Often, my first response to such a question is, "Do you have Internet access?" Not every question can be answered by prowling the Internet, but it`s an excellent place to start.

Procurement Lessons from the Asia/Pacific Rim

With an estimated 10- to 15-percent growth rate in electrical loads annually, utilities in the Asia-Pacific region are faced with monumental challenges in meeting customer power demands. Such phenomenal growth places considerable pressure on utility engineers and managers in trying to plan, build and maintain their power systems to serve present and future needs. A key factor to success is implementing the automation technology.

Saving on Data Conversion by Implementing FM Before AM

Many AM/FM/GIS projects never progress beyond the planning phase because of the incredibly high cost of data conversion. These projects can be justified, however, by taking a non-traditional approach to implementation that allows applications to drive data conversion requirements.

1995 Generating Plant Report Highlight Expanding Areas in Plant Automation

The sweeping changes taking place in the electric industry have continued to drive utilities` purchasing patterns. These changes hold especially true for the birthplace of electricity, the generating plant. Utility budgets for control systems are now rising to levels as seen before the start of Phase I of the Clean Air Act Amendment. For the 1995 study, the UA Research Group interviewed managers and engineers from 350 utilities with approximately 2000 generating plants.

Testing a Fixed Network RF AMR System

Michigan Consolidated Gas Co. (MichCon) believes, as many utilities do, that the need for more frequent meter reads is now a necessity and that an AMR system is required to cost-effectively obtain these readings. Alternative concepts for achieving centralized AMR were evaluated, including a pilot installation of a telephone-based system. A decision was made, however, not to pursue this particular technology because of installation costs and several other concerns. Other approaches to centralized

EDMS Hardware/Software Integration: A Bottom up Approach

Indianapolis Power & Light Co. (IPL) has been creating new engineering drawings in AutoCAD for the last five years. Before that, all the drafting work was done manually, resulting in a large repository of drawings in hard copy form such as paper, mylar and cloth. The number of drawings is estimated to exceed 250,000. Most of these drawings are located in IPL`s administrative centers or power plants.

The Antioch Tie: a Lesson in Substation Integration

By Alex Apostolov, Ph.D., Tasnet Inc., Martin F. Best and David W. Colson, Duke Engineering & Services Inc.