Continuous Data Collection

The PQNode family of power monitors by BMI now includes six members. Users can monitor and collect data continuously for benchmarking, identifying trends and spotting anomalies that signal potential problems. All PQNode family members monitor three-phase power and follow the measurement philosophy of IEEE`s Recommended Practice on Monitoring Electric Power Quality.

Remote Monitoring

The T-BOX system, added to the M.K. Juchheim GmbH product range, includes all the main functions of the remote monitoring technique of small hydroelectric power stations. The CPU module has five independent communication ports. Two RS232C ports for connecting PC, terminal, printer, alphanumeric indicators, controllers, PLC and external modems are standard.

Industrial Display Monitors

Aydin announces the introduction of another line of monitors for industrial markets. The new series is microprocessor-controlled and available in sizes of 10 to 17 inches. The products provide flexibility by Autosync capability of 15 kHz to 40 kHz or 30 kHz to 64 kHz with either BNC or "D" connectors. User controls are located with digital operation and security disable as standard features. Aydin also offers a low-cost VGA, SVGA or 1,024 x 768 performance monitor in a fixed-frequency format wi

Simplified AMR Investigation

The PowerPulse connect/disconnect switch evaluation kit by BLP Components was developed to simplify investigation by AMR designers and specifiers. The kit contains new technology details, a direct main powered drive circuit and a sample 200 A PowerPulse switch.

Modem Data Communication

E.F. Johnson`s DL-3276 is an RNet compatible modem which allows data communications between high-spec E.F. Johnson telemetry products and other RNet radio/modems. The DL-3276 modem offers user-programm able data rates of 9,600, 2,400 and 1,200 bps in a single unit. Features include front panel LEDs, setup software, built-in radio diagnostic package and a programming ID for local and over-the-air diagnostic reporting.