SCADA/EMS Developments Mirror Market Changes

By Robert Crosley and Bob Fesmire, ABB Inc.

Pain vs. Promise: AMR’s Long Journey to Mainstream Acceptance

"Cellnet's communications modules and wireless network represent a technological breakthrough in end-to-end communication services, enabling-for the first time-wireless data communication at a very low cost."

The Evolution of Utility GIS: From “Good-looking Maps” to Mainstream Application

In his 1999 bestseller "Business @ the speed of Thought," Microsoft founder and chairman Bill Gates wrote, "...we always overestimate the change that will occur in the the next two years and underestimate the change that will occur in the next ten."

What it Takes to Make Smart Power Grids a Reality

While current power delivery system infrastructure is still serving the industry well, by most standards, new load demands and aging assets are forcing the industry to begin looking to the future with hope of finding solutions that will sufficiently meet or exceed the energy demands of the next century.

Utility Automation & Engineering T&D Looks Back on its First Decade

With this issue, Utility Automation & Engineering T&D (formerly Utility Automation) begins its 10th year of publication.

New Products

Positrol Fuse Links, from S&C Electric Company, are high-surge-capacity fuse links designed to fill a market niche not presently served by S&C¿s offerings.

Parting Shots

Question: What have been the most significant adcancements in utility technology or philisophy over the course of the last decade?


The annual �Worldwide IT Trends & Benchmark Report� reveals a lukewarm IT economy at large, and an even cooler climate for IT spending in the utilities sector.

10 Years of covering Technology for You

This issue marks the beginning of Utility Automation & Engineering T&D¿s 10th year of publication.