EEI’s View: How the Energy Bill Impacts Transmission Investment

The Energy Policy Act of 2005 offers much needed help for stimulating investment in the country’s electricity grid.

Controlling Utility Risk through Network Management Software

The electric industry is complex, critical and-for those of us who have made a career out of it-prone to induce sleepless nights.

How Entergy Battled Back-to-back Hurricanes

Planning, preparation and performance are the cornerstones of any response plan-a rather generic hypothesis that Entergy proved true after two hurricanes, Katrina and Rita, hit its service area in late summer.

Three Projects Demonstrate HVDC Applications, Benefits

Since the first commercial implementation of ABB’s high-voltage direct current (HVDC) technology in Sweden in 1954, the technology’s benefits have been sufficiently demonstrated and are well-known in the power industry.

DistribuTECH 2006:The Power of Concentration

Four thousand attendees. 225 exhibitors. 13 conference tracks. 60 educational conference sessions.

Isn’t it Time You Took Another Look at Distribution Automation?

There are millions of miles of distribution lines in the United States. They weave through every neighborhood, office complex and industrial park in the country.

Space Considerations Driving GIS Purchasing Decisions

One of the biggest challenges facing utilities as they seek to improve and expand their physical infrastructure is acquiring land upon which to build.

New Products

Sarnoff Corp. has unveiled the SVD2000, a mobile system consisting of a sensor array with proprietary electronics and software that checks street level objects for stray voltage.


FPL Group Inc. and Constellation Energy have signed a definitive agreement to create the nation’s largest competitive energy supplier and its second-largest electric utility portfolio.

DistribuTECH: More than Just a Power Distribution Show

I recently attended a trade show focusing on customer service and spoke with the sales director of a company that provides various communications solutions to the utility industry-things like high-volume call handling, outage reporting and field communications.