Why Electronic Maps Are Essential to Electric Operations

Electronic maps are not only a replacement for the paper maps seen at most distribution control centers; more importantly, they represent the beginning of a transformation in the roles and responsibilities of system operators.

Utilities Spur M&A In Advanced Metering

The wait and see approach of the past is over. Utilities are broadly embracing advanced metering technologies/infrastructure (AMI), emboldened by the success of pilot programs and high-profile installations.

Building the Substation of the Future

The electric power industry is changing and the design of substations is changing right along with it.

Autodialer Augments DNP3 at BC Hydro

At BC Hydro there is a strong desire to add visibility of the distribution system into the control center.

Implementing the Future Today In Naperville, Illinois

Taking the initiative to move future technology into the present, the city of Naperville in 2005 began implementing the first IEC 61850 substation while many U.S. utilities were still reviewing and familiarizing themselves with the new standard.

Substation Networks that Promote Automation

A good substation network invites rather than inhibits growth in automation. Effective network strategies make each successive substation automation project easier to implement, building on an evolutionary plan and avoiding self-imposed barriers to functional or capacity expansion.

Examining the Nuts and Bolts of Substation Construction

In October, Utility Automation & Engineering T&D spoke with Pete Ivey, vice president of Southern Company Transmission Design and Construction, about the when, where, why and how of new substations in their region.


The high-definition 640 x 480 detector in FLIR Systems’ new ThermaCAM P640 thermal imaging camera delivers 307,200 pixels vs. 76,800 in an IR camera with a 320 x 240 detector.


German powerhouse E.ON has been eyeing Spanish electricity group Endesa for months, but a series of cash and government detours has kept it from completing the transaction.

Don’t Believe the Hype

Newspaper writers and editorial columnists are into the doom-and-gloom thing. We tend to be a “glass half empty” bunch.