Invasion of the Brazilian Pepper

The mention of John F. Kennedy Space Center (KSC) or Cape Canaveral Air Force Base-jointly known as the Cape Canaveral Spaceport-is likely to conjure similar images in the minds of most: spacecraft, launch pads, F-16s and other high-tech scientific marvels.

FACTS on the Ground at Pepco

FACTS devices had a big year in 2006, with numerous projects being initiated across the country.

Meter Data Management: Step One to Harnessing the Power of AMI

Some of the bigger advanced metering projects moving forward today reflect a growing trend.

SDG&E’s New Asset Management Program puts “Real-time” into Condition-based Maintenance

San Diego Gas & Electric recently piloted a “real-time condition-based maintenance” solution to bolster its asset management program.

GETTING EQUIPPED: Superconductor Power Cables For Sale

The past few summers have seen much ink spilled over the shortcomings of the U.S. power grid.

Can Russia Break into the EU Power Market?

One Tuesday, I called Belgium to speak to an Italian man about Russia.


Control Microsystems has launched ClearSCADA 2007 Edition. The full-featured, SCADA automation management software now has even more purpose-built features, according to the company.

EPRI Accord Will Expand Use of Line Inspection Software

The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) announced an agreement with an engineering systems integrator to license EPRI’s Transmission Inspection and Maintenance System (TIMs), a software package used by utilities to improve power line inspection and collection of maintenance data.

Smart Grid Becoming a Reality

In this month’s Smart Grid Perspectives column (page 56), our contributing authors from IBM point out that while the investment necessary to turn our 20th century analog grid into a 21st century “smart” grid may appear daunting, the benefits to all stakeholders are tangible and substantial.

Is an Intelligent Utility Really Worth It?

The concept of an intelligent utility network continues to gain momentum with key industry stakeholders.