AMI and Outage Management: Co-ops See the Benefit

It’s almost as though the proverbial light bulb has switched on, says Rob Lauridsen-Hoegh, spokesman for Tantalus Systems, a provider of advanced metering infrastructure (AMI).

POWERGRID Europe Blossoms in Sunny Madrid

“We take bags inside the hotel for nice, simpatico lady,” the Madrid taxi driver told me as he dropped me off at the conference hotel that warm Sunday afternoon.

University of Pittsburgh Powers Up with Renewed Energy

For most of the 20th century, the city of Pittsburgh was synonymous with power. George Westinghouse arrived there in 1868, looking for cheaper steel for his railroad products.

Study Highlights the Use of Wi-Fi in Substations

Although wildly popular in coffee shops, businesses and residential homes, wireless data communications via 802.11 networks, or Wi-Fi as it is more commonly known, does not yet appear to be taking hold in electric utilities.

Substation Automation and Communication Standards: IEC 61850 and DNP3

Recent developments with communication media and protocols, networking technology, computing devices and substation equipment have presented major new opportunities for utilities to improve their electric systems, operations, and business process automation.

Help Your Transformers Stand the Heat

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission data indicates that there are more than 132,000 power transformers in service in U.S. substations.


Workrite Uniform, a manufacturer and provider of flame-resistant apparel, has launched its Dickies FR clothing line, a selection of popular pant, shirt and jacket styles made from flame-resistant fabrics.

Honduras’ ENEE Praises Remote Service Disconnect

Empresa Nacional de Energia Electrica (ENEE) has inaugurated Elster’s EnergyAxis System.

Enough about the Aging Workforce Problem

Much magazine ink has been spilled and many conference hours devoted the last few years to lamenting the problem of the “aging utilities workforce.

Smart Grids Offer Exciting Opportunities for the Next Generation of Workers

The convergence of networked communication systems and technologically advanced utility devices is propelling utilities toward a future with highly intelligent, multi-functional smart grids that will replace aging, non-networked systems.