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ComEd Offers a Peek at its Prettiest Substations

ComEd gave us a look at some of its best substation designs in Chicago this month.


The advent of automatic meter reading (AMR) came about in the mid-'80s, and more prominently in the early 1990s as an automated way to collect basic meter-reading data.

Is Your SCADA Obsolete?

As the business processes of utilities evolve, stakeholders require substation control and data acquisition (SCADA) to support a growing number of higher-level applications.

Afraid of AMI Commitment?

For almost 30 years now, I've been a part of an industry that has evolved from electro-mechanical meters read by "sneaker net" to advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) systems.

Detecting High-Impedance Faults

Providing safe and reliable service is the goal of electric utilities. This goal is compromised when utility equipment fails or foreign objects and wildlife provide an alternative path for electrons to flow.

Informing Customers When the Lights Go Out:Kansas City Power & Light’s Outage Communication Service

Not too long ago, customer service was synonymous with personal service. Knowledgeable company representatives promptly answered customer calls.

Asset-Management Strategies Enable Utilities to Optimize

Power utilities are closely examining ways they can ensure future reliability and availability.

Letters to the Editor

I wanted to take the time to commend you on your letter entitled Get a Grip, Al, in this month's issue [August 2008] of Utility T&D. His "state of emergency" rhetoric is going to spiral out of control, and no good will ever come of it.

New Products

HD Electric Co.'s new DVM-80T digital voltmeter & phasing set with capacitive test point mode is a new addition to their digital voltmeter line.

3M Conducts Transmission Reinforcement Project

BC Transmission Corp. (BCTC), the transmission system operator for the province of British Columbia, is installing 3M's light-weight, high-capacity electricity conductor, 3M aluminum conductor composite reinforced (ACCR).